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IFundWomen is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses. The IFundWomen COVID-19 Relief Fund is providing microgrants on a rolling basis to campaigns hosted on their platform. For more information and resources please visit the links below:
IFundWomen COVID-19 Relief

GoFundMe is a donation-based crowdfunding platform. GoFundMe will provide $500 matching micro-grants to support COVID-19 relief to qualifying individuals and businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Start a campaign and raise $500 to be considered for a relief grant.
GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fund Form

Black Girl Ventures

Black Girl Ventures is a social enterprise with a mission to increase capital to black and brown women. BGV is a virtual pitch platform that provides crowdfunded microgrants. Apply to Pitch.

DC Kiva Hub at DSLBD

DC Kiva Hub at DSLBD offers DC  businesses and DC resident entrepreneurs no-barrier, favorable term crowdfunding loans to help them open, operate, pivot and grow their business in the District of Columbia.  

Honeycomb Credit Comeback Loans

Honeycomb Credit Comeback Loans  are crowdfunded low interest small business loans between $15,000-$500,000+ for entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry who want to open or reopen a business that closed due to the pandemic.   

Crowdfunding ToolKit

Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign The WDCEP, in partnership with the DC Women’s Business Center , Department of Local and Small Business Development and other partners created this toolkit to help business owners who are interested in utilizing crowdfunding to support or start their business. Learn more about crowdfunding basics, first hand experiences and recommended steps to launch your campaign.   

Check our blog post: How Strategic Crowdfunding Can Help Women Entrepreneurs Navigate A Pandemic

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