WDCEP Govt. Contracting Toolkit

This document is designed to be a toolkit to
assist small businesses in assessing whether
government contracting at the local, state, or
federal level is viable for their business and the
steps to pursue this sector. The toolkit is designed
to provide detailed guidance and relevant technical
assistance that address the various stages and
requirements for small business penetration in
this market. There are several no-cost technical
assistance organizations that provide guidance in
the government contracting sector and are listed
at the end of this document. One of the unique
advantages of being a District of Columbia-based
business is having ready access to engage a variety
of federal agencies, local agencies, and adjoining
state agencies in government procurement.

Learn more here: https://wdcep.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/2021-Toolkit-GovtContracting-web.pdf

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